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Welcome to Gentle Strength Therapy – so glad you are here! We are here to support the growth of clinicians through their EMDR journey and to assist in connecting EMDR therapists with clients looking to begin or continue through this thing called life by using EMDR as part of the process.

How Can We Help

How Can We Help?

Training & Consultation

For Clinical/EMDR training, visit our Clinician’s Corner.


If you want to find a therapist trained in the belief focused model of EMDR Consulting, click here.

If you are looking for an EMDRIA approved therapist in any modality, it would be


An Introduction

HI! Welcome to Gentle Strength Therapy. I am so glad you are here, taking the time to read my website and maybe learning some ways to help you understand trauma and its effects and possibly decide to either take an EMDR training (if you are a therapist), or find an EMDR therapist (if you are a client).  My goal is to help connect therapists with EMDR trainings and EMDR trained therapists with clients that want a neurobiologically informed way of moving through the journey of healing and integration.


Deciding to try therapy, specifically EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a big step toward healing the pain you have been carrying for a long time. Maybe, just maybe it is time to lean into it, to take the time to understand and process it, so you can truly let it go.


So much of our lives we spend trying to avoid pain, to shift away from the stuff that feels big and scary, but maybe it is time to turn around, to look it in the eye and move through it. To find that fierce part of yourself that knows you can fight for you-to fight for your best life.  Maybe you just haven’t had the tools, or the guidance to get there. Have you tried EMDR? That can be an amazing tool that can help navigate through all the ‘stuff’ in your brain and body that has been holding you back.  There is hope!  EMDR has been shown to help with symptoms that show up in the form of anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship issues, isolation, PTSD, grief, and others. It can even be used to enhance performance, improve public speaking, etc.!


Sometimes you need a jump start-a way to just get in and start going through the process. There are times when one hour of therapy just doesn’t feel like enough time to open up and begin digging through all of those hurts. If you feel like that describes you or your situation, I offer customized treatment plans that include multiple hours and/or multiple days of intensive therapy sessions. If you are interested in a setting up a consultation for this, please contact me and we can meet to determine if this is a modality that would meet your needs. If you are ready to dive in and do the work-even if it is tough-please contact me so we can get started.

Please check out the rest of my website and see if there are any resources that could help you through your process. The Client’s Corner is designed for clients. The Clinician’s Corner is designed for therapists/counselors looking for training, consultation, and hands on learning. The Blog just contains some thoughts, ideas and exercises to move you to a different level of awareness. The articles/links you might find interesting to read or connect to.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this – I know how hard it can be to face the unknown, but you have already taken the first step. That’s awesome!


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  • EMDR Consult Groups for clinicians - at

What is EMDR?

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