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Hi!!!  Thank you for your interest in our retreat!

We are excited to have you-we have been planning this for a couple years-and it is hard to believe it is actually happening.  Our hope is to give you a space to rest, relax, explore, learn and understand more about who you are, and what it is like to be you, and maybe find ways to help you continue with this journey of life in a way that feels more authentic. 


The location for the retreat is Avila Beach California.  The weather in Avila Beach California in September is typically in the 70s during the day, and mid 50s-60s in the evening/night time. Avila is a laid back, small walkable town with cute restaurants, gift shops a pier, bike paths and a fun beach atmosphere.  


The retreat will include education on trauma, exploration of your experiences/story and how these things may be impacting your life.  In addition to that, we will introduce treatment options and have experiential activities that can create an environment for healing and integrating these concepts into your current situation.  And there will be a lot of fun things to do along the way!  We will be your guides in all of these processes-from the inside of your heart/soul stuff, to the experiences we will have in individual and group settings. Group workouts and daily yoga will be offered each day for those people who are interested.  There will also be plenty of time for quiet reflection and free time to explore on your own. 


- Cost for Retreat: $925

- Maximum Number of Participants:  10


If you are interested in expanding beyond what is included in the cost, we will also facilitate some other activities including the following (there will be an additional cost, ranging from $30-$100):  


Kayaking    Stand Up Paddle Board    Zipline    Wine Tasting     

The accommodations and meals are not included in the cost, so please plan to find a hotel that works for you. Here are the local options (all are within walking distance to the beach and where we will be for the retreat activities):


The Inn at Avila Beach (highly recommend!)

Avila La Fonda (most reasonable-some rooms with kitchenette)

Avila Lighthouse Suites


If you are flying in for the retreat, please fly into the San Luis Obispo CA (SBP) airport.  We will be providing all transportation necessary for the entire trip (we will pick you up and drop you off at the airport), and drive to any activities you plan to attend. 


A bit about your team:  Laurie Colson is a Marriage & Family therapist that specializes in trauma from the perspective of the 'human condition.'  (Your story). She teaches EMDR (a specific therapy technique designed to treat trauma) and has worked for over 20 years in the therapy field.  Holly Gramlich is a Gym Owner/Personal Trainer/Yoga Teacher/CrossFit Coach, with over 30 years of experience. She specializes in trauma informed Yin Yoga and loves to inspire all her clients to work on all areas of wellness.


Disclaimer:  Please note while we will be discussing therapeutic concepts, this is not a therapy retreat.  We will cover some general information and take a deeper dive into what it looks like for you, so you will have a clearer path to understanding the impact of trauma and steps you can take to continue the healing process.  


If you are interested in registering, please let us know and we will follow up with a registration form and payment options, as well as the next steps to prepare for the retreat. 


We both appreciate your interest in attending and would love to help you on this next step in your journey. 



Holly and Laurie

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