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Climb the fence

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

Welcome back-thank you for checking in with my blog again. I made it home from Provo Utah where we (EMDR Consulting team) held a Part 2 of our Basic EMDR Training. It was great fun! I was able to ride in a convertible through the mountains by Brigham Young University, see lakes, waterfalls, rivers-which made me want to try using an innertube down it-and received my official “Mickey Mouse” from Roy Kiessling, Founder of EMDR Consulting. It was an amazing experience with a great team of people. And I get to go back in a few weeks and do another training for a new group of therapists. I always wanted to be a teacher. And here I am, combining therapy and teaching-how cool is that?! Sometimes I wonder what I did to have so many awesome moments in this life.

And then I am reminded that part of it is because I just kept taking the next forward step. I didn’t know where it would end up, I didn’t know what would happen, I just knew I had to say yes. Sometimes it would scare me-OFTEN it would scare me. But, I have come to embrace the phrase I came up with-“if it scares me, I need to do it.” The first time I did that was just getting up the courage to climb over a six foot fence. Yes. A fence. I would get to the top and then not be able to get down. So, I imagine, the answer could be to just never climb a fence again, right? Because, really, do we NEED to climb a fence? No. But I couldn’t let the fence win. Or, maybe more accurately, I couldn’t let my fear win. Because when fear makes the decisions, our world gets smaller. So, I had to climb the fence. I had someone coach me to get over the fence. Yes, I needed a coach to get me over the fence. Because I couldn’t do it alone. I needed help! So, I asked for help. And eventually, I was able to climb over the fence, on my own. My brain and body learned I could do it, and that I didn’t need to be afraid. Maybe I could do other scary things too. And so I did.

Maybe that is where you are. Maybe the fears are getting bigger than the rest of your life. Maybe the fence seems bigger than six feet. Maybe you aren’t ready to say yes because the fear is too big. Maybe it is time to face that fear, to not let it win. Maybe you need someone along side you, to help you climb your six foot fence. It is so okay to ask for help. We don’t know everything, can’t do everything on our own. Sometimes we need some guidance. Sometimes we need an expert. Sometimes we just need someone else who can see where the next step needs to be when we climb that fence because we are too close and too afraid that we just can’t see it. But, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there, we just need a little different perspective. Someone who can understand and help us see what we can’t see yet.

Maybe it is time for you to take the next step. To say yes, even if you are scared. Do it! I think you will be surprised at what you can face, and how much more you can do when you face the fear, rather than run or avoid it. Do you have a story like this? I would love to hear it! Share it with me below. Taking those steps can be so inspiring and life changing. Thank you for reading this-and I will see you next time!

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